Accenthealth Puts Medical Content On Waiting Room Tvs

4 hours ago AccentHealth Puts Medical Content on Waiting Room TVs By Tanzina Vega April 8, 2012 10:12 pm Addison Geary …

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Just Now AccentHealth is boosting the digital side of its business by buying MediVista Media's Everwell waiting room TV network, putting the firm's content in a thousand more doctors' offices and retail pharmacies. Matthew Arnold February 14, 2013 4:35 pm AccentHealth buys Havas point-of-care unit, doubles footprint

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Just Now Founded in 1995, AccentHealth operates the largest waiting-room television network, which provides exclusive CNN programming co-hosted by CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta and HLN host Robin Meade. It also features a companion network of printed Health Panels, interactive services, and sampling and distribution programs.

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6 hours ago Great content is provided by CNN's medical unit, superior to anyone else out there in the medical waiting room TV business. Cons Too many technical requirements and rules of engagement dictated by the advertisers changing almost weekly make it nearly impossible to get a site set up for a "free" television.
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3 hours ago Clinic TV is an innovation of Media 2000 Systems specifically designed for doctor’s office and health care system for displaying the promotions and important announcements to the waiting room patients or high traffic areas. We can also deliver custom Medical TV contents based on the practice instead of live TV. Advantages: Ease the waiting time

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6 hours ago Ditch cable and take control of your waiting room TV. Create your own ad-free broadcasts using ViewMedica videos, custom informational slides and your own videos. Even add local weather reports, news, live messages, promos and more.

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8 hours ago New: Use your waiting room TV also as a call-up system! Our software can easily be extended by using so called "plugins." The "Remote Control Plugin" allows you to use your waiting room TV also as a flexible call-up system for patients. For this purpose, a small app is installed on the doctor's receptionist PC that can send text messages directly to the waiting room screen, e.g. …

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6 hours ago Custom TV for Medical Office Waiting Rooms The Best TV for Your Waiting Room. Pick from your choice of over 50 categories of TV content (including everything from entertainment, to info on COVID-19). Unlike traditional TV, you are never stuck on a single channel as we change the program for you throughout the day.

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9 hours ago KONVERT™ TV transforms your waiting room into a watching room—serving as a vital first-line source of information for your patients and marketing support platform for your practice.In addition to streamlining the check-in and paperwork process, engaging your patients moments before their appointment can mean prompting conversations about health-related issues and new …

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9 hours ago Content Mix. Patients need to be entertained in order to keep them engaged. WAM Networks uses a variety of content from our very own healthcare library and content from partners like the CBS, ABC and the Mayo Clinic to producer your waiting room channel. Customized to the wait times in your lobby.

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3 hours ago In an emergency, an oxygen supply, medical ventilators, monitoring capabilities are all crucial to helping people heal. Along with all that, the patient is also influenced by the presence of a television. Typically mounted on the wall, the TV looms over the patient waiting for the chance to entertain or inform.

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4 hours ago Hospitals, urgent care centers, medical offices, and dentists put TVs in their waiting rooms in hopes of creating a better environment for their patients. While television is not the primary focus of your practice, it can really shape the attitudes of your patients.

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4 hours ago Follow these 3 simple steps, and you’ll find the custom TV software that’s perfect for your waiting room: 1.) Avoid Medical-Only Content: For every reason that’s been detailed above. Medical videos are best shown when played alongside traditional TV content that people enjoy watching– like food/cooking, entertainment, home/garden

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7 hours ago Patients spend an average of 30 minutes in the waiting room and a further 16 minutes in an exam room before the physician arrives. In addition to the waiting room TV network, AccentHealth recently

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8 hours ago AccentHealth features its award-winning waiting room television network, reaching over 202 million yearly viewers with programming produced by CNN's Medical Unit and co-hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta

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4 hours ago What to Show on Your Waiting Room Television Set Even minimal time spent waiting can be made more pleasant—thus enhancing the patient experience—with access to magazines, newspapers, television, and refreshments …

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7 hours ago AccentHealth is a leading patient-education media company at the point-of-care, located in over 30,000 physician waiting rooms, serving over 70,000 medical practitioners nationwide, and reaching 173 million patients each year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do medical offices have tvs in waiting rooms?

Medical offices use televisions to entertain patients as they wait for treatment; but there’s more they could be doing for you. While the trend of having TVs in waiting rooms started with cable/satellite, newer “custom” options have emerged that have the business and/or patients in mind.

Why choose accent health care?

Door Delivery of all Quality medicines. Accent Health Care is specialized in delivering and educating new innovative products in Diabetes like Insulin pens, Glucose Monitoring Systems , BP monitors , non contact thermometers & all quality medicines to the Customer’s doorstep to manage their health better.

What makes its relevant tv the best choice for medical offices?

It's Relevant TV has many features that have made it the top choice for medical offices across the country. We have one of the largest libraries of TV content anywhere in the world. Updated multiple times a day, we have 1,000,000+ minutes of content!

Why are there so many drug ads on waiting room tv?

Our research found that the majority of patients that saw drug ads on the waiting room TV assumed the drugs were endorsed by the doctor/practice when that wasn’t always the case. This helps to generate enormous revenues for both the Pharmaceutical companies and the Medical TV providers. But it doesn’t do anything for your bottom line.

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