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3 hours ago Easy steps to get you coverage. 1. Compare plans Review plan options to find the right one for you. Enter your information to see if you qualify for financial help. 2. Gather documents Use the Enrollment Checklist to have all your information ready for you and anyone in your household applying for insurance. 3. Start application

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855-805-43256 hours ago Visit or call 855-805-4325 Note: Only plans purchased through Access Health CT qualify for a premium tax credit. Shop & Compare Keys to Plan Names “Metal levels” tell you the average amount the plans pay for covered services. The chart below describes ranges of premiums and out-of-pocket costs for each plan level.

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5 hours ago Benefits of Coverage All Access Health CT plans include coverage for important essential health benefits to keep you and your family healthy. Preventive services like annual checkups, shots, etc. Lab Tests Prescription Drugs Pediatric services like dental and vision care for kids Care before and after your baby is born Emergency room visits

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8 hours ago Connecticut Health Insurance Plans Residents looking for individual and group health insurance, managed care, Medicare and Medicare supplement plans, and medical discount plans can investigate options. Agency: Department of Insurance HUSKY - How to Qualify
1. birth
2. adoption
3. women first learning they are pregnant
4. death of a member of the household
5. marriage
6. loss of current health coverage
7. or loss or reduction in employer insurance
8. new legal CT resident or United States residency
9. or United States lawful presence

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8 hours ago Access Health CT is the state’s official health insurance marketplace, where you can shop, compare and enroll in quality healthcare plans. It is the only place where you can qualify for financial help to lower your costs, or be eligible for free or low-cost coverage through HUSKY Health (Medicaid/Children’s Health Insurance Program).

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6 hours ago Aug 3, 2021 As of July 1, 2021, some Connecticut residents that meet specific eligibility requirements are paying $0 for their health insurance coverage through Access Health CT, thanks to the new Covered Connecticut Program created by the State of Connecticut. If you qualify, Welcome to Access Health CT! Apr 15, 2021

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1 hours ago Connecticut CHOICES program – Provides information and assistance to Medicare-eligible individuals, their families, and caregivers about Medicare and other related health insurance options. Consumer Report Card on Health Insurance Plans in CT CT Health Channel – public and private insurance clearinghouse

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4 hours ago Individual & Family Health Insurance Plans In Connecticut We offer health plans that fit a variety of healthcare needs, including special programs to support better health. You may also qualify for financial assistance to help cover the costs of your health plan. Need help finding the right plan? Talk to a licensed agent:

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7 hours ago If you’re a HUSKY C member, go to or and sign in to your MyAccount. **HUSKY A, C and D members can receive free rides to and from scheduled COVID-19 vaccination appointments with 48 hours’ notice …

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9 hours ago The American Rescue Plan Act Means More Access to Affordable Coverage in CT Aug 5, 2021 Residents can act during the Open Enrollment Period from November 1, 2021 – January 15, 2022. Many current customers will see lower monthly bills. 3 Things Every Resident Should Know About The New Covered Connecticut Program Aug 3, 2021

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2 hours ago Access Health CT (AHCT), Connecticut’s official health insurance marketplac e established in 2011, supports health reform efforts at the state and national levels. AHCT provides Connecticut residents with resources for better health, and an enhanced and more coordinat ed healthcare

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5 hours ago 2021 HEALTH PLANS. 2021 QHP Solicitation 2021 Non-Binding Notice of Intent-QHP. 2021 INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIED HEALTH PLAN DESIGNS. 2021 Standard Gold Plan 80%

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1 hours ago Appeal health insurance denials of coverage or reimbursement for services through an independent review process. Filing an appeal with CID doesn't include support for Husky Health or health insurance that is regulated by the federal government. Agency: Department of Insurance; Insurance Companies Marketing Health Plans in Connecticut

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855-909-24289 hours ago Access Health CT is the marketplace that offers individuals, families, and small employers a range of qualified, approved health insurance plans from brand-name carriers in Connecticut. Access Health CT now allows consumers to speak with a call center representative by dialing, 1-855-909-2428, to receive information on choices about their

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6 hours ago Plans that support the health of your employees. And your business. In 2021 and 2022 Access Health CT Small Business offers three basic categories for coverage – Gold, Silver and Bronze – from Anthem and ConnectiCare. Get your plan options Need assistance getting group health insurance? Get personalized help

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3 hours ago Connecticut’s official health insurance marketplace, Access Health CT, offers state residents and small business owners a range of health care coverage options from public health care programs and health insurance carriers.It’s also the only place where qualified families, individuals, and employers can get financial assistance with their health care costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does access health insurance ct cover?

If you have individual or group health insurance coverage that you or your employer bought in Connecticut, including through Access Health CT the state’s health marketplace, you are covered for the testing and treatment for novel coronavirus (COVID-19) as described below.*

How to get marketplace health insurance in connecticut?

You apply for coverage and choose your plan at the same time. Once you’re approved for a plan, you’ll need to pay your first monthly premium for coverage to begin. You can pay online or ask to receive a bill in the mail. To apply and enroll: Online: Go to and click “Enroll Now.”.

What is ct access health?

  • birth
  • adoption
  • women first learning they are pregnant
  • death of a member of the household
  • marriage
  • loss of current health coverage
  • or loss or reduction in employer insurance
  • new legal CT resident or United States residency
  • or United States lawful presence

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