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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Lightroom Classic?

How to Migrate from Lightroom to Lightroom Classic (step by step)

  1. Open Lightroom desktop and make sure that all your photos have synced to Adobe’s servers. ...
  2. If you haven’t done so already install Lightroom Classic on your computer. ...
  3. Open Lightroom Classic and go to Lightroom Classic > Preferences > Lightroom Sync (Mac) | Edit > Preferences > Lightroom Sync (PC). ...

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How to install Adobe Lightroom?

Installing for the first time or on a new computer? Click Download Lightroom Classic below to begin downloading. Follow the onscreen instructions to sign-in and install. If this is your first time installing a Creative Cloud app, the Creative Cloud desktop app installs as well. Download Lightroom Classic. Helpful links.

Can you purchase Adobe Lightroom?

You can purchase Lightroom on its own or as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan, with both plans starting at US$9.99/month. Lightroom Classic is available as part of the Creative Cloud Photography plan, starting at US$9.99/month.

How to get Lightroom for free?

How to download Lightroom free trial version?

  1. Visit on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom page & Click on Free trial First, go to the official product page of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Then, click on the Free trial button. ...
  2. Choose the Individual Plan Afterward, choose a plan that suits you. I recommend you to choose the Lightroom Photography plan under Individual. ...
  3. Input your email and Fill up the form

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