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1 hours ago Aramis A classic "chypre" fragrance (typically a warm combination of woods, moss and spices like patchouli), this is a bold, punchy scent that's ideally suited for cooler evenings. The masculine notes of cedar …

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7 hours ago Aramis is 50 years old (so its first wearers are now, probably, 68 years old and up); and just like being a middle child, being middle aged in the perfume world puts you at a disadvantage in 2014. Lots of perfumes still exist from the late 19th century and early 20 th century and are beloved and in lucrative production.

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8 hours ago Aramis was created in 1966 and dedicated to men who appreciate tradition and classic, and this is the reason why this perfume is always modern. The composition is built around woody, sharp notes, which are very powerful and masculine.
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Brand: Aramis

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3 hours ago Keep it tasteful and sophisticated with Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Gold with woodsy notes at the base and ginger and sage to start. And as always, rolling up overly spritzed is never in style. Old

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4 hours ago It is a fine example of a traditional masculine citrus aromatic: A refined, gentlemanly scent that features fresh citruses with classic notes of vetiver and moss. It has subtle notes of spices, florals, and aromatics that give it depth and complexity far beyond a typical 'freshie' or citrusy summer scent. Gotta try it at least once!"

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1 hours ago Old Spice Original by Shulton Company is a Amber Spicy fragrance for men. Old Spice Original was launched in 1938. The nose behind this fragrance is Albert Hauck.

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9 hours ago Stirling, Barrister and Mann, and Soap Commander all do nice versions of the classic Shulton. Worth checking any of those out if you want something closer to the old version. is superior to the modern incarnation, even if by the same manufacturer, at least for me although opinions will differ. Aramis, Polo, Brut, Old Spice, Paco Rabanne

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6 hours ago It's an amber fragrance, but light and easy like Old Spice. Has some retro vibes and the quality is top notch. Highly recommended. Just acquired a sample of this, actually. Looking forward to trying it. Currently Wearing: Acqua di Scandola by Parfum d'Empire Scent Detective Basenotes Plus Basenotes Plus Dec 15, 2015 Dec 16, 2021 #12

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1 hours ago Get more awesomeness, good smellingness, and Old Spice exclusiveness than ever before. Shop Best Sellers Shop Everything. Free Shipping. When you spend $10. Bundle & Save. Buy a manly amount and save money. Online Only. Buy a …

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Just Now Aramis By Aramis for Men, Eau De Toilette Spray, 3.7-Ounce – The classic namesake fragrance that is still being worn by men over 50 years after its initial release. It features a blend of leather, dry oak moss, patchouli, amber, and various floral/woodsy notes. This is a dark, sexy, and quite manly fragrance that gives great performance.

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1 hours ago At a price of $25 for 110ml, Aramis is definitely on the lower end of the fragrance scale. Our team rated it unanimously at about 3 out of 5 stars. D.R Harris Classic It was developed in London in the late 1800s in one of the oldest pharmacies there.

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7 hours ago In this guide, you will discover the top 10 best classic fragrances and colognes for men: Pour Un Homme de Caron, 1934. Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, 1973. Old Spice, 1937. Mäurer & Wirtz 4711, 1792. Aramis By Estée Lauder, 1964. Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet, 1902. Floris Special No 127, 1890. Dunhill For Men, 1934.

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8 hours ago An unforgettable classic, Old Spice is a multi-generational fragrance that is still very much relevant today. At a mere $15 for 150ml, this after shave performs remarkably well and will keep you going throughout the day. Another classic but this time from the ’60s, Aramis is a renowned powerhouse fragrance. Giving one of the most long

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3 hours ago OS shaving soap. Old Spice in a shorty mug held in the right hand (I’m a lefty) thumb through the handle and bottom of the mug in my palm. Flush the soap with hot water, dump out the water. Using a ordinary (I usually used a red/cream Eveready) boar brush, wet the bristles with hot water (don’t soak, just wet), snap it in the sink to get

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Just Now 1. Old Spice. Old Spice is one of the grandaddys of classic drugstore colognes–after all, the original Old Spice has been around since 1938. With a name that includes the word “spice,” it

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6 hours ago Basenotes Dependent. Dec 9, 2005. Mar 24, 2012. #40. Oslo-Fjord said: IMO, Chanel Pour Monsieur, Colonia, YSL Pour homme, and Eau Savage. Click to expand I agree with this, i would add Polo (original) and Guerlain's Heritage and Vetiver. They are all very different so to name just one "Most Classic Smelling" is a bit of a hassle since they

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4 hours ago A pleasant, shimmering classic scent by Aramis. The aerosol style dispenser can be tricky to work with; but with a light application, Aramis is spicy, bright, and woody. Doesn't last too long on me, but overall a nice, dignified outing from the house of Aramis. Dec 9, 2016 #179862 Kain Show all reviews by Kain

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you consider aramis a classic fragrance?

Yes, Aramis Aramis is a classic, masculine and very pleasant fragrance! It takes me back in the 70's when i was a kid and I smelled this on the adult men Every real man should have it among a few other classics. As we all know - classic is always on fashion!!

Is aramis still relevant today?

Even back then Aramis was a classic, older player in the fragrance scene but was still holding its own and considered respectable. Today this 56 year old fragrance is still remaining relevant and very wearable.

What is the difference between vintage aramis and modern aramis?

At the top, the vintage Aramis seems much more centered on florals and herbs, with just a touch of aldehydic soapiness and smokiness to put a bow on it. The modern Aramis turns that equation somewhat upside down, featuring a much more prominent aldehyde, backed with some florals and not as much herbaceousness as compared with the vintage.

Whats the difference between old spice original and classic?

I've been a little bit familiar with this version over the last year or so, because for some reason you can buy the "Original" Old Spice deodorant stick here, but not the aftershave. The deo is significantly fresher and a little more citrusy than the American "Classic" formula.

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