Ballad Health Launches Changes Across Newly Merged

9 hours ago Ballad launches changes across newly merged hospital network Ballad Health is tasked with transforming two former rival hospital systems in central Appalachia into a …

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4 hours ago What changes has Ballad made? Ballad is planning to downgrade a NICU and trauma center in Kingsport, diverting the sickest and most critically injured patients elsewhere. Since the merger, Ballad

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9 hours ago health improvement effort that aims to significantly improve community health over a ten-year period and sustain it beyond. This report is intended to serve as an assessment of the capacity of the proposed new system, Ballad Health, to develop and implement an effective population health strategy – and to improve

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6 hours ago Ballad was formed in February 2018 from the former Mountain States Health Alliance and Wellmont Health System, following years of review and ultimate approval by Tennessee and Virginia health

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Just Now Ballad Health, which will launch Feb. 2, is the result of a merger between Wellmont Health System and Johnson City, Tenn.-based Mountain States Health Alliance. The organizations, which announced

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5 hours ago As Ballad Health implements changes in services offered to the public, patients from Greene County appear to be taking a wait and see attitude.
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2. Newly Merged

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2 hours ago Ballad Health is the only hospital provider for more than a million people in four states thanks to a law allowing two hospital systems to merge. Now it's cutting a …

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6 hours ago Ballard Health celebrates launch; begins search for new CEO From Staff Reports Feb 3, 2018 Ballad Health celebrated its official launch Friday after the boards of both Mountain States Health

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1 hours ago Ballad Health CEO Alan Levine answered a range of questions during Friday's launch event at the MeadowView Conference Resort and Convention Center. He also announced Ballad would try to bring a

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3 hours ago JOHNSON CITY, Tenn., Nov. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A years-long endeavor to adopt a common, interoperable health technology for all of Ballad Health’s merged hospitals and care sites is now

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3 hours ago Both Ballad and the senator assured the public the merged organization will still be more transparent than any other health system in Tennessee. “This legislation just says that those things that are normally held as proprietary information in hospital systems as they operate and try to provide health care to their citizens will be held as proprietary information for Ballad,” Sen. …

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6 hours ago Last February, the Ballad Health board formed a 10-member integration committee looking at the changes with an outside consultant. “The board on Monday voted unanimously to move forward with the

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ballads merger mean for local hospitals?

Ballad’s is the largest. CEO Alan Levine said the merger lets the hospital system save money and keep rural hospitals afloat in a state that is already No. 2 in the nation for closures. Eliminating overlapping staff and services, including the trauma center and NICU, will free funds to invest in other public health initiatives.

What is ballad health?

What is Ballad Health? Ballad Health is the product of a merger between the nonprofit hospitals Wellmont Health Systems and Mountain States Health Alliance, both based in Johnson City, Tennessee. The newly formed hospital system operates 21 hospitals in southwest Virginia, northeast Tennessee and parts of Kentucky and North Carolina.

Is ballad health new jerseys only hospital system?

Ballad Health, the newly formed hospital company, now functions as the only hospital system for the majority of residents — about 1.2 million people — in a geographic area the size of New Jersey.

What happened to ballad health in tennessee?

Earlier this year, Ballad announced its first major health care cuts to a neonatal intensive care unit and trauma center at a Kingsport, Tennessee, hospital. Since May 1, residents have staged a round-the-clock protest outside the hospital. What is Ballad Health?

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