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Frequently Asked Questions

How is All Star Cheer different from school cheer?

All Star Cheerleading differs from school and town cheerleading because All Star Cheer teams focus solely on performing a competition routine and not on leading cheers for other sport teams. The tryout or placement process for All Star cheer tends to also be a bit different than school or town cheer as well.

Why cheer Elite All-Stars Greensboro?

At Cheer Elite All-Stars Greensboro we give cheerleading a whole new meaning! Competition cheerleading is a step above the sidelines. We teach the many aspects of jumps, stunts, tumbling, dance, pyramids & more, & combine them together into action-packed routines. Cheer Elite has collected a number of regional, state, and national titles.

What is the All Star Cheerleading Beginner Program?

This is geared for beginners who want a Full Year Commitment but are still new to the world of All Star Cheerleading. A NON Traveling Competitive Program geared towards 10-19 years of age. Beginners and low experience is preferred! Practice twice a week.

How many athletes are on an All Star Cheer Team?

Most of these well-rounded athletes can perform a variety of these skills. All Star teams typically consist of 5 to 38 athletes. How Does All Star Cheerleading Work? Each member of each team is expected to gain experience in as many of these All Star Cheer-related skill sets as possible.

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