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5 hours ago Having said that, Ambetter health insurance also has its drawbacks, like the fact that it’s only available in 15 states, you must sign up during the open enrollment period, and that the company may have stricter requirements to qualify than other traditional insurance companies, so customers should keep this in mind before purchasing. Top Rated
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4 hours ago Ambetter Insurance is good for people who don’t get health insurance through their employer, have plans available in their state through
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4 hours ago Ambetter Health Insurance Overall Rating Like many insurance companies, Ambetter health insurance has pros and cons that you need to weigh out to decide whether it’s the best option for you. It
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Just Now Ambetter Secure Care is the highest-level health insurance plan offered through Ambetter. This plan is excellent for individuals who anticipate spending a lot on their health insurance throughout the year. Secure Care is ideal for people who need regular doctor’s visits and expensive medications.

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5 hours ago Ambetter insurance is terrible. their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. They have no problem putting you on hold and never getting back to you, even with the reference number they still make you start the whole process over with a new rep after they hang up on you.

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2 hours ago Hours. Otherwise, for those friends who have good Ambetter plans, they seem to like it once they get the PCP figured out. I would give it zero stars but since getting the PCP thing figured out and my friends being happy with it otherwise, gave it 2 stars. AC Angelina Cortez 2 reviews US Aug 24, 2021 Super expensive premiums

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6 hours ago It's almost as if another insurance company planted a lot of these unsubstantive reviews. Im 30 and in good health and see a lot of providers near me. I havent needed a doctor visit for years and the cheapest Ambetter plan seems to meet my needs. Any words or warning or good experiences with this company? 3 comments 100% Upvoted

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877-687-11969 hours ago Does Walmart accept Ambetter insurance? Ambetter has a variety of convenient in-network pharmacies. These include: HEB, CVS and Walmart, as well as many independent pharmacies in your area. If you need help finding a pharmacy, please call Member Services at 1-877-687-1196. Relay Texas/TTY users should call 1-800-735-2989.

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Just Now If you are looking for the cheapest health insurance rates, Ambetter health insurance is a good choice. However, Ambetter health insurance reviews are below average to poor. Many policyholders complain about long wait times for phone calls when contacting Ambetter employees, as well as the fact that providers do not charge for medical services.

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9 hours ago Is Ambetter good health insurance? If you are under-insured or uninsured and need low-cost healthcare, Ambetter may be a good option because they offer affordable plans. Ambetter only offers insurance in 15 states (see company overview). Ambetter’s complaint ratio, however, is high in some states. How does Ambetter insurance work?

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5 hours ago Ambetter offers affordable Health Insurance Marketplace plans. At Ambetter, we provide you with the benefits, tools, and coverage you need to take charge of your health. Ambetter insurance benefits include: Ambetter Telehealth My Health Pays® rewards program Healthcare Management Programs Optional dental and vision insurance plans*

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1 hours ago Ambetter loves taking money from their customers and they make it almost impossible to get approval for any procedure that is above a basic checkup. They continually deny any procedure, regardless of what type of physician (general …

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8 hours ago Wrap Up. We learnt in this Ambetter Health Insurance review that it is a great choice for those people who want to cut costs but can compromise on customer care quality. The three categories target people with different health conditions. You can be sure of the company’s financial strength and outlook because of the high ratings it gathers

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1 hours ago What is Ambetter? Affordable healthcare designed for you - with the benefits, tools and coverage you want. Statistical claims and the #1 Marketplace Insurance statement are in reference to national on-exchange marketplace membership and based on national Ambetter data in conjunction with findings from 2019 Issuer Level Enrollment Data from CMS

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4 hours ago Multi Location Business Find locations. View Business profile. Customer Reviews. Ambetter from Superior HealthPlan. 5900 E Ben White Blvd. Austin, TX 78741-7502. https://ambetter

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9 hours ago Customer reviews and complaints. Bright HealthCare insurance has a high rate of dissatisfied policyholders. In the complaint database from the NAIC, the national company of Bright HealthCare has a complaint rate that's seven times higher than the industry average. It scored a 7.5 on the Complaint Index, where 1.0 is the average rate of complaints.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ambetter the same as medicaid?

Each state works differently through Ambetter to provide health insurance marketplace plans, including Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP). Both Centene and it’s new acquisition, Wellcare Health Plans, serve Medicaid and Medicare members.

Should i enroll in ambetter health insurance?

Follow these four steps to buying health insurance and choosing Ambetter for your healthcare. Enter your details (such as family size or income) online or over the phone. See if you’re eligible for financial assistance that can lower your monthly premium, and the type of plan that may fit your needs and budget.

Is ambetter a medicaid plan?

If you’re a member of Ambetter, you have access to coverage with Allwell - a Medicare Advantage plan offered from Sunshine Health. With Allwell, you’ll get the same local service and member experience you’ve come to know, plus more: Affordable healthcare coverage. Benefits you need to take good care of yourself.

Is ambetter medicare or medicaid?

Ambetter offers an alternative to Medicaid. It’s an option for people who no longer qualify for Medicaid. Ambetter is owned by Centene, which serves Medicaid and Medicare members. Does Ambetter cover pregnancy?

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