Nsb New London Submarine Escape Training School

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of New London's submarine base?

The submarine base is physically located in the Town of Groton, but New London became associated with it because the base had its main offices and housing in New London. Following World War I, the Navy established schools and training facilities at the base.

What happened to the escape training tank in the Navy?

In 2007, the Escape Training Tank was replaced by the Submarine Escape Trainer, which has two types of escape trunks in up to 40 feet (12 m) of water. The Steinke hood was replaced by the Submarine Escape Immersion Equipment in the 2000s. [1] The New London Base is homeport to 16 attack submarines and full Navy base situated in Groton, Connecticut.

What is the Naval Submarine School?

The Naval Submarine School (NSS) builds a foundation upon which officers and enlisted personnel are prepared to develop the competence and proficiency in skills necessary to operate and maintain their submarines.

Does NSB New London have a child care center?

NSB New London is served by Child Development Centers (CDCs) but unlike some military installations, the CDCs are located off-base. NSB New London CDCs offer care for military dependent children between six weeks and five years of age. The Naval Submarine Base New London is certified by the Department of Defense.

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